So how often do you wake up with bright ideas and decide that today you are going to conquer the world?  I seem to do that way too often and land up amusing my little family with my proud declarations on just how I am going to “add another goal to my list” of things to do 🙂  My husband, bless his soul, smiles and says, “Great, my love, you can do it!” while I am sure he is quietly wondering…. when does she plan to get this all done?!?!

Last Saturday I got the bright idea to pull my neglected Salomon running takkies (South African for trainers) out from under my other shoes and hit the road.  I had no plan as to where I was going or how far I was going to attempt to go, but I was going to do this.



At this point it is important to note that my preferred method of exercising – when I actually get to it, is cycling.  Who would not love it with the ability to free wheel down hills and enjoy the rush of air and coolness after pushing through hills?

My trusty Fitbit, iPhone with pumped up running tunes and Ironman Yurbuds (earphones) were to be my faithful companions and get me going.  I have to admit, I bought my earphones a few years ago and am ashamed to say they barely ever come out of their nifty little bag.


The road led me into tranquility between farm lands and the weather was absolutely stunning.  What more could I have asked for?

I tracked my run with the app on my phone while using the armband which I bought in 2014 and have used daily since then.  It is a great way to monitor your actual movement as it is too easy to think you have walked more than you really have.  To be honest I love my Fitbit for general daily activity, walking / running however have not found the solution to my cycling just yet.  I will keep you updated.

After a while my takkies were rubbing my foot terribly but I persisted between crawling, jogging, running, walking (I am going to continue to believe it was jogging but it may have been one of the other provided options 🙂 )

Along the way I managed to have a few laughs and here is the cause of one of them:

“Show Respect – Adults are Playing”

Though I ended up having to call hubby to come and fetch me (blisters were formed), I actually managed 5,75km on my first attempt.  As we love to do, I decided to post on instagram about my wonderful attempt, only to be challenged to run a half marathon!  And what do you know?  I accepted and will be attempting the Oslo half marathon in a  few months.

So I have had to dust off a different pair of Nike takkies while I consider what to do with my Salomons which I think are cool but not cool enough for blisters (in fairness to them, I do have other pairs for walking etc which are great!)

I have downloaded the training program provided by the Oslo Marathon organisers and think I should probably try to follow their guidelines instead of just diving in – well that was the plan and it has sort of worked.  On Monday I managed 4,81km, on Wednesday I should have trained but just didn’t manage with life and kids, yesterday I dragged myself, my earbuds and phone out with my tekkies and managed to burn my way through 4,72km.  Though my distances were not better with each run, my pace was improved so lets see what the next week holds for me.

I pushed myself yesterday to make it to a lovely lake down the road so I could reward myself with a gorgeous view.

In other news:

Spring has finally arrived in norway so we got to enjoy a lovely day out in Bygdøy, Oslo last week-end

Our first born monkey is celebrating his 8th birthday today so it is going to be a lively week-end.

See you next week 🙂