Norwegian Traditions – Lefse Making

December is probably the best month of the year in my opinion!

It is jam packed with social gatherings, Christmas excitement, good food and beautiful Christmas lights which add so much charm to every day.

Since moving to Norway we have learnt so many new things and part of that has been all the traditions followed by Norwegians.  This past December I was so excited to be taught an ancient baking tradition – lefse making.    Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread, there are many variations and they all have a story behind them as to which era the recipe may come from or even which area of Norway.

The dough is rolled out using a patterned rolling pin.  There is also a story behind the pattern which indicates which area it comes from.  Though today you can also buy rolling pins which have intricate decorative designs on them.

The variety that we made is called “fattigmans lefse” which translates to “poor mans lefse”.  I think these are fantastic especially served with a cup of coffee.  The dough was fried on a flat griddle, then kept moist with a damp cloth while cooling to then be smeared, and I mean SMEARED 🙂 with butter and sugar.

What was really special about the day was that this tradition was shared with three generations and various family members in the home.  As you can see, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

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